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Brian. There’s Nick. Nick, we were just wondering where you were at if you were going to join us. I had some tech issues, but I’m here. Great. Thanks for joining us. All right, well, let me kick off here. And we’ll get going. If anybody else joins here, I’m gonna try to be quick on the letting people in. So I might have to stop to do that for a second. But thanks for joining us. My name is Tyler. And yeah, this is a 2023 kind of top level, but also deep dive on Google Maps, and a Google Maps playbook here for you. So let me get us kicked off. And, and I can tell you a little bit about what we’re going to cover tonight. And the value you’re hoping to get I will have q&a kind of sprinkled throughout here. And also have more time at the end if we want to run some of your keywords and get you some feedback on that. But who am I my name is Tyler. I am a 10 year SEO and website design expert. And I’ve created a couple of methods that work in conversion rate optimization, and SEO focus. I also am the founder of a company called Conversion first marketing. So that’s an agency. And to dates, we’re nine years into that we’ve got 64, or five star reviews, I’ve got over 100 monthly clients that we service every single month, we’ve served hundreds. And then we’ve got a 97% retention rate. And I personally have served over 90 different niches, which is I’m just going to tell you as a digital marketer kind of exhausting. But we have successfully served 90 different niches. Which just means that we have had to come up with solutions for a lot of different industries. And lawn marketing edge I’m super excited about because it’s my deep dive into lawn and landscape marketing. Specifically, this is an area I actually got my start as in a lawn care company. 12 years ago, I built and ranked that business entirely off of Google, we would turn away 40% of our leads is where I got my start. It’s why I love the industry, tons of folks just like me start their entrepreneurial journey in the lawn landscape space. And so I really love the space as a whole. And so what we do at CFM. And what we do with lawn marketing edge here is we do stuff like this. So we have been taking businesses and producing a positive ROI, we have a goal of a minimum of 3x ROI for all the clients that we work with. So we want to give you three times the revenue we come back to, like I said, I’ve got to trademark my methods that we use. And then that’s the top method, which I won’t go into tonight. The other one is the SEO first website design method. And what we do with that is typically we redesigned websites and put people on the first page of Google with no other SEO required. And a lot of those techniques are what I’m going to kind of break down for us tonight. So let me talk about what we’re gonna get from this webinar. First of all, on the call here tonight to I also have to my team members. So I’ve already talked to you. I’ve already talked to Nick. So I got Nick with me. And then Julia as well as is one of our great team members. And so they’re both both joined us, they’re going to be helping me out a little bit here as well. And so as we dive in, let me just give you the gist of what we’re going to cover. And then I’m going to try to make it as interactive as possible. So don’t leave, stick around. Be ready to chat in questions, answers, things like that. I want to make sure everybody gets value from the meeting. So here’s what we’re gonna cover. What’s the most important map factors in 2023 I’ve got some really fresh data on that from top experts. And then I’m gonna give you our proven four step process. This is the exactly how we optimize the businesses that we’ve worked with for the last nine years and all the success that we’ve seen there. It’s a lot simpler than you think. So I’m gonna break that down. We’ll cover the number one mistake that I see business owners make and exactly how you can fix that. yourself. So we’ll go through those details, and then a free ranking audit. So if you stick around to the end here, we can run some of your keywords, we can check to see how your map pack is ranking right now. And if you like things like this chart right here, and you want to see this for your own business, stick around to the end, we’ll be throwing some of those up live, and we’ll cover those. And then as always, there’s an invitation here to have a one on one, if you want me to take a deep dive on your business. I’m excited to dive into that. Before we go too much farther, though, let me just make sure I get everybody’s attention. We want to make sure we’re turning off cell phones, that you are turn off Facebook, you’re here to like grow your business, you’re here to learn how to do maps at a high level. So let’s be here, let’s be focused on that. If you’re doing anything in the background, it should be like changing your Google profile in the background, just implementing as fast as we go through this. So Google Maps is honestly one of the best tools we have to grow your business. So I’m on a let me start with a question here. Okay, let me start. How many in the room tonight have a Google Maps profile already? You’ve got a Google business. If you have a Google business, give me one in the chat. If you’re waiting to build like your first one, you don’t have one yet. Give me a zero if you could. And let’s just see a little temperature check of who’s in the room. Brian’s got one already. Scott’s got one already. Julia Todd. Oh, those are from those are from before. So it looks like most of us already have one. Why care about Google Maps? It’s a big, it’s the biggest section of search of real estate on the SERPs. So as far as Google is concerned, it gives the most space on the front page of Google to this area, the map pack, you can see at the top here, we’ve got home service ads, we’ve got Pay Per Click ads and smart campaign ads. So we’ve got three different sections of ads here, before we hit the first organic position, this is the first position you need to be that you don’t have to pay to be. And this spot right here is what we consider position number one, it is a not just it, but anywhere in this top three is a consistently driver. And then organic rankings come below that map pack as well. So you’ve got a you’ve got a massive opportunity for kind of the highest imprint on the front page, not to mention that you’ve got a lot of reviews in there. So it is a consistently driver. And one of the other things too, that people don’t consider about the map pack position is that most often it is the reputation holder of your business. So Brian’s lawn care, for example, as exam as a search right here, if you do a search for Brian’s lawn care, which is his brand search, you will have a introduction to that company via their Google business profile, almost exclusively, this is the type of search result you’re going to get. If you don’t have one of these, then obviously, it’s not going to be there. But having great reviews there. This is a place where your business and its reputation is basically being introduced to that potential warm lead, especially if you’ve worked hard to get a warm lead, how Google or excuse me how that lead is going to interpret your business’s quality is going to be through a search like this. So the other thing too, is we’ve just got customer comfort. All of us have really been trained for the last nine years, 10 year to over 20 years, right, as long as Google’s had it used to be the seven pack, then it went to three, we know to look for trusted advisors or trusted businesses to work with in that space. And so it’s an important spot to be listed. We want to work with Google, not against Google, and honestly leads, leads leads. So that’s the biggest reason that you want to be there. When whenever we have a client call us and suddenly say like, Hey, all of a sudden, my leads have just dropped off a cliff, it is almost always a something happened to their Google business profile. And they’re no longer ranking for that, because that’s how quickly their bottom line is being impacted by Google Maps interruption. And those interruptions can come for lots of different reasons. But but if you if you have one of those if you change addresses, and don’t tell your digital marketing company that happens sometimes and all of a sudden, we just find out that they’ve switched their address on us. And all of a sudden their rankings kind of dissipate there. So that can be really big. So all right, so let’s go what drives the three pack rankings here. So let’s figure out what drives it. These are the biggest areas of how you influence it. So this is probably what you’re here to see a lot of this stuff and and then we’re gonna figure out how we can influence those. I have a really beautiful drawing here for everybody. Tonight, so I’m super excited to show that to you. But what you’re looking at right here is this. The Marketing Center of Excellence and research lab puts this out every single year. What they do is they interview basically about the top 50 influencers in the local search space. And I know you’re thinking like wow, what an incredibly like I’m cool place to be an influencer in the local search space. But we have our rock stars too. And about 50 of them get interviewed every single year to figure out what’s changed. And what are the impact pieces. So the types of folks who contribute to this are businesses that are managing 1000s 10s of 1000s of local business, Google profiles, they are seeing data on a scale that none of us could see, as individuals. And even as agencies, I’ve got access to, you know, 150 business profile pieces of data, but they have 1000s and 10s of 1000s. So this is some of the best data that I think we can circle up around. And let me break this down for us. So 30% here is coming from the Google business profile. Another 26% is coming from on page, and e to e a t, if anybody’s in the chat there, anyone want to take a stab at what EA t is, if you know it, drop it in the chat there. I’ll come back to it.

And then hold on, I just got one more coming in here.

There we go. If you know what EA t is, I’ll fill you in in a second. Then we’ve got reviews, links, behavioral citation personalization, when you’re looking through these, so let me break these down. The Google business profile is going to be 30%. That’s the actual influence in changes that you do. There you go, Brian. I like it. Now, Brian honesty moment, did you Google that? It took a while to come in there. So yes, he did. All right. I thought maybe I love it. That’s good. You got to be resourceful. So that’s what you want to do with that. So the Google business profile, all the edits you make on that we’re going to break that down. Eat is experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. So that EA T has been a big buzzword lately, because it’s one of the only ways that Google can really start to tell the spam from the from the real players in the space, and they’re just looking for authority. They want to know how long you’ve been in business. How long have you been around what your expertise is? What licensing you have those sorts of things? Reviews, often, I’ll hear reviews get credit for 90% of Google Business Profile ranking. So just a heads up on that we want to be aware of like single impact factors where people are like, well, it’s just they’ve got 200 reviews, how could I ever outrank that, once you get past 10 reviews, the ranking impact or reviews goes down significantly. So reviews is not nearly as big a hammer, as most folks think it is. lengths, we’ll talk about those and some of these other ones, I’m going to keep us moving here. But now here’s my fantastic drawing, here’s what’s great about this is I’m gonna give you four impact areas that you can make adjustments to your Google business profile, it hits 97% of these factors that have been out and just these four things that you can change. So I’m excited about that, and excited about sharing that with you. So here’s our four step process. Here’s our four step process. As we dive in, give me just a second here we go. All right, so let’s dive into these four things. Everybody’s still falling along, let’s just do a temperature check there. Can I get a one in the chat here, get that one in there, if you’re excited to see if you’re still around and excited to see these four steps broken down here. Love to see it. Just want to keep everybody involved. Fantastic. I’ll have some more questions coming up, too. I know, it’s a little monologue right now. But I’m excited to get to some of this value, everybody. And, oh, I’ve done gotten rid of my notes. All right, so let’s go location number one is going to be the location of the four step process here. This one I do not hear other digital marketing folks ever talk about this with a passion that I talked about it. But the oh my gosh, I’m jumping ahead here. But the first thing we’re gonna hit is our location on that. Now before we can get into that, we’ve got to find your focus. And so the Internet has become an extremely noisy place. Now, I know most of us think as far as we should approach the Internet to spread our nets as wide as we can. So I can do you know, I can do all sorts of things. I can do drainage, I can do irrigation, I can do fertilizer, I can do lawn mowing, I can do maintenance, I can do all kinds of stuff, you want to spread that net really wide, because you think that’s gonna get you the most effort. But really, we find the most benefit when we get really focused. And so the question I always let like to ask folks, as they’re starting is if you could have one service in one area, what would that be? Not a so the the qualifier for that is, is if you could get enough business that you could, you could make a million or whatever your goal is right? Make a million dollars live comfortably. Do all of your work in doing just one service in just one area. What would that be and if anybody could be brave for me, just go ahead and drop in your one sir. service that jumps out to you in the chat here. So are you a lawn care guy? Are you a landscaping guy? Are you an irrigation or landscape lighting? Or, you know, garage doors? And I’ve got some other service businesses in here as well. But what is that one service? And a lot of times, we tend to think like, well, I can’t get enough leads. for that. I’m saying, if you could get enough leads for that, what’s the one service that you would do? And then, once you kind of have that, what’s the focus service area? So if you could only do it in one service area? There you go, Brian, so Garage Door Repair in Brentwood is is where you would focus you’re like, if I could do literally all of my garage doors in just Brentwood? That’s where I would do it. That’s fantastic. That’s exactly what I want to see in there. And so then the next question would be, as you’re kind of thinking through that is, are you would you rather do one service in all areas? Or would you want to do all services in one area? So this further kind of helps you quantify that? To go do I want to do you know, if I never had to leave Brentwood, and I could do my entire suite of services to just Brent would, would I would that be fantastic? Or is it like, Man, I like variety I want to do, I’m trying to build multiple, and I’m trying to get six trucks going. So I need like six areas. And I know I want to have that focus, even if it’s just mowing or just landscape, that sort of thing. And so as you kind of come into that, you start to understand what your focus preferences, and you’re going to see this come back. So there’s a reason we’re, we’re pausing here, then we want to confirm that with keyword research. So one of the things I want people to think about is like, if you sell, let’s say, your primary service, that you would, you would just do one service, and that’s just gonna be fertilizer treatment, you’re like, I just want to do fertilizer treatment. So all I want to do, but you sell fertilizer, most of the time, when you’re there for something else, meaning there’s not a lot of volume for that particular service, then you may want to think we do need to confirm that there’s enough volume for that service and that service area for that to be a wise focus. And you can confirm that a couple of ways. I also have a resource doc for everybody that’s going to have links to all of these things. And so there’s some great keyword research tools. And then we can also just dive deep with you, if you’re like, hey, I think I know what my focus areas and service areas are. But I want to make sure that the volume is there to justify those keyword research is important there. But keep your focus. And then let’s talk about location for a second. So what the number one thing that I could advise anybody to do, as far as a Google Map Pack perspective goes now and into the future. Let me grab just one second there got another one coming in here is going to be that we want to find an address in the heart of that target service area. As often as we can, everything else gets easier if we get that thing, right. And this is the thing that I just don’t see a lot of folks putting enough pressure on or encouraging strongly enough to say, once you have that focus service and a focus service area, it becomes much easier to make a lot of other decisions about your marketing. I’m gonna give you a good example here. This is a lawn care website we’ve built and, and right up here in the meta title is called the meta title, you’ll see they’ve got lawn care, Franklin. So that is a dead giveaway to a we want to have. We want to be doing lawn care services in in this particular city. And so one of the things I encourage encourage extremely strongly is that we need to work to get an address in that space. The reason I say that is I have clients and I have many clients that we will see their rankings drop off at like, say a city line sort of situation, even though they’re right next to the city line, because their business has a different business name, or a different city name, excuse me, it the rankings just really struggled to get over that line. It’s not impossible. But it’s a thing that is worthwhile to go, if there’s a way that you can get into that space, then you should and it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth a couple 100 bucks for a month for an extra commercial address or something like that, to be able to push for that. Now I know there’s tons of location challenges around that. So this is a great example of what happens all the time with folks where their operations are located way out, you know, in an area honestly, where it’s economically viable to compete. And so they’ll be out here, this is their focus city. This is their secondary and tertiary focus cities. And then this whole area is the area that they would be fine to do business in. So this is a good location kind of breakdown here where I would encourage this folks, their operations are here. If there’s any way that they can find an address in this area and the heart of their focus area. It will make everything else easier. So here’s some options around that. You can get like a small commercial office. You can find a friend or a partner in that area. A lot of times, there’s folks that would be happy to get 100 bucks a month, $150 a month to just say like, Hey, can I put my business address here, you’re gonna get mail here for me as part of my business, and your address is going to be associated with my business. But if that’s worth $100 a month to you, then I’m happy to pay that for a long time. So always shoot for an address to be comfortable with for two to five years, non options anymore, are going to be like Pio boxes, co working spaces, those used to work had a lot of success with those for a long time, Google has cracked down really hard, we’ve been having a really hard time getting those through, because Google has moved to a video submission process. How many of you, if you can anybody gone through a video submission process thus far, go ahead and drop it in the chat there, give me one if you’ve gone through that already, because it’s a it’s a little bit of a haven’t had to go through that Brian, the

Todd’s been through it, the Yeah, the video submission process is gonna be part of the resource doc here, I’m not going to deep dive on this, because this video does such a great job with this. But it’ll walk you through it. Let me give you the basics of how to get this done, just so you guys feel like you’ve got something here that you can go and implement on. If you can find an office location, or somebody’s house or something like that, then following this video, kind of step by step here will walk you right through it, basically, all you need to do is get the locations ID secured. So you just need to know like the address, you know, get that locked in, get mail there as a business. So you need to move some of your bills and things like that you actually have to do some quote unquote business from that address. Whether that’s a rent payment, or you move your phone bill, there are something that you can look at and and show your business name and that address connected. Get your equipment on site, get a vehicle with branding signage, you want to make it believable, and you want to make it look like you actually work there, and then record a video and submit it. So that has to be an unbroken video where you show the street address, you walk into the office, you show the address on a document, you show your trucks or their you show equipment is there. And and I don’t care if you only stopped by once a month for that that should qualify to be a location that you’re actually operating out of. And if you’re getting your mail there, and you’re actually committing that for two to five years, you’re hitting the you’re hitting the expectation that Google wants to have with that, which is you plan to do business at this address for a long time. So any questions about that? Let me make sure I pause. And I think folks can unmute to. So let me just give it give it like 1015 seconds here to see if anybody has any questions about what we’ve covered so far. Because we’re going to break into the profile and how we set that up. But the first thing as I wait for that, see if there’s any questions there and I’ll see him that’s good, a perfectly answered everything that everybody needs. So that’s great. Glad to see it. Alright, let’s dive into the profile here. So what you’re looking at in front of you right here is a really well done profile. This is greens, lawn, lawn care and Property Services in Indianapolis, I’m not affiliated with them at all, they just happen to be who showed up in the search that I did put this together, so but they’ve got 236 photos, they’ve got products and services built here questions and answers and reviews. And so when you look at something like this, this is what’s possible. And I would almost go as far to say like if you dedicated all of your effort into your Google business profile instead of a website or your Facebook page or things like that, and you made this kind of impact for it. It could be game changing for your business, I know those other things are going to be really important. But I do just want to quantify to say Google is investing in their Google business profiles, they are trying to make them places that have tons of value for their for their visitors. And if you take advantage of the places that they have their Q and A’s reviews, products and services, photos, you can even add videos now. And those videos are really eye catchy. There’s a lot of value to be had here. So getting your profile right is the next step in our process here. So the first tip I’m going to give you as part of this is get a long term login for your business. I don’t know how many clients have shown up and we can’t get access to their Google business profile, because some employees set it up eight years ago, and it’ll have like 50 or 100 reviews on it. It’s like this is an asset that’s worth a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of effort went into this. And we can’t track down John, who originally set it up on his personal email address. So this would be the biggest thing is make sure if you don’t have a Google email address for your business as kind of standard just set up like your business name@gmail.com to have one Google email address for your business. You can put your Google Analytics on that you can run your Google AdWords through that you can do your Google Search Console, your Google business profile, like there’s a bunch of free properties with Google, that if you take your digital marketing seriously long term, you’re gonna want to have those. So make sure you get one Google business or Google Gmail account for, that’s a master account for all of your Google stuff for your business, and that you have access to that, and control over that. Next thing, or do we just want to make sure we name it correctly. So we’ll get into more of this. But make sure your name, address phone number are the same across all the places. So you do not have to name it to match like the Secretary of State. So if you’re John’s lawn care, LLC, at a state level, you can just be John’s lawn care on the Google Business Profile makes no difference, Google doesn’t care, the only thing that we would say is we want to make sure that that is consistent. And so as you’re going down into it, you’re gonna have to choose your business type. This can be confusing to folks. So if you follow steps, once again, I’ve got another resource link. So part of the reason that I’m going to cover these at a high level because I have resources that literally walk you step by step through this, it’s so easy if you go through those so but one of the big things that hangs people up here is choosing your business category, or excuse me, choosing your business type correct. So Google is going to give you two categories to choose. One of them’s a local store, and the other one is a service business. And so what Google really means from that is you didn’t is that one of them, you want people to see your address and the other one you don’t. And so if you are the local store, you can totally be a service business and have an choose the local store, it just means that Google is going to give you a pin, like you can see right here, Google is going to give you one of these pins. And I actually prefer that I think that’s better. And I would rather have the pin aspect of, of having, you know, when somebody does a search from the maps, they can see right here, they can click on it. This is a service area, it has no pins, so it’s not listed in this map at all. And that’s simply the difference between choosing the local store option or the service business. So if you are operating in a home based business, and you don’t want your address to show and service businesses is going to be you all day. So I wouldn’t get too hung up on that just a preference aspect of whether you want your business address to show or not either one of them, you’re going to have to produce an address and either one of them Google is going to use that address to determine some of your ranking ability. Whether you do service business or not. It looks like I had a question. Yesterday, there will be a recording, I think we’re probably get that sent out tomorrow. So glad it’s helping me out.

All right, let me keep rolling here.

Choose Alright, choosing your business category wisely. One of the questions I think everybody should ask is are you a mowing company that also does landscaping? Or are you a landscape company that also does mowing. So this comes back to that focus service aspect, Google is going to make you pick one, when you get to this level, choosing that category has a lot of impact on whether you’re going to be ranked well. Landscape companies do not rank as well for lawn mowing terms, if they have decided that they are a landscape company first or landscape doesn’t rank as well for lawn mowing. So that category has impact. So try to pick your focus there. What am I first? What do I want the most of you can get some of the others it’s not it’s an all or one game. This also goes for the conversation about location. It’s not all or one. But it’s giving us the like, how do we put ourselves in the best spot possible, you’re going to add a website, add your services in their business description. I like to add keywords to the business description many people don’t. Many people don’t like to add their keywords for that. I love it. I’ve seen enough of my own ranking results to to have confidence in adding keywords there. I know there’s some great experts that say Google doesn’t factor those. I’ve never seen anybody penalized for adding their keywords into their description. So I tend to still recommend it. And again, I’ll have a resource link there. So next on the profile aspect, let’s talk nap. Is anybody who’s heard of nap before? So somebody give me a nap aspect here is anybody know what nap is? Besides the fact that it’s written up near the top? stands for name, address, phone number? Does anybody know? Is that new information? Anybody? Let’s ask it this way. Have you if you had never heard of nap before this give me one. Give me one in the chapter if you’ve never heard of nap before this

all right. All right. We’ve got some heard some of them not.

Perfect. So nap stands for name, address, phone number. And all that means is we’re looking for consistency. So what you put on your website, what you put on a Google business profile, what you put on your Yelp and Yellow Pages and being an apple connect In all these other places, we just want that name, address phone number to be the same thing. And when you change those things, you want to make sure that you update all of those places. Because what Google is trying to do is Google is trying to create the the most accurate map on the planet. That’s its goal. So in working with Google, it wants to see that your name, your address, and your phone number are the same everywhere it finds it, that gives a confident Google a ton of confidence. If you think like a robot, that gives Google a ton of confidence that you’re actually at that location. This is your address, this is your name. And this is your phone number. So we want to give them that as much as possible. So as you’re going through that, and that’s pretty much it for the profile, there’s not a whole lot more, there’s obviously other ongoing things you can do like Google business posts, and question and answer, we’re not certain that any of those have impact as far as ranking. So most of the things that really impact ranking we’ve already covered. But the as far as the profile is concerned, Google posts and things like that are great for conversion, dwell time, some of those behavioral aspects, you want to see those come up as much as you can. So this is the number one thing that people miss. This is the on page SEO consideration. So the website that you add to the Google business profile, actually has a big influence on how well you rank for different keywords based on how well that is optimized. And here’s how we know that. At this point, I’ve redesigned hundreds of sites from an SEO first perspective. And so I’ve seen case after case of businesses that with nothing other than dramatic improvement of the on page SEO of the of the site, have had their Google Business Profile rankings changed overnight, because the on page SEO of the site significantly improves. And Google factors that in if you do some searches, sometimes you’ll see Google say things, they’ll put a little note in the Google Business Profile. This is a dead giveaway from Google. And you’ll do a search for like low cost lawn care. And in the little Google business profile, Google will add a little note that says this business’s website mentions low cost lawn care, that’s Google reading the content of that web web page and using it to influence that Google business profile. So this is the number one thing I see people miss. And what you’re looking at here is a page one website launch example for us, where we build it with a ton of on page SEO built in place. And we get to the first page of Google for most of our keywords with no other SEO required. And so that helps the Google business profiles rank significantly. So getting to the first page of Google can give you a massive boost and with nothing else changed, give you a massive boost in your Google business, or your Google business profile rankings map pack rankings across the board. So here’s a quick way that you can go optimize the on page SEO, the on page SEO of your site.

Let’s see,

Jared just chimed in here I liked the feedback you’re drawn to use Uber suggests with an on page SEO ranking of 80. And still towards the bottom of the map pack. Awesome. Yeah, so I haven’t used Uber Suggest much yet. But fascinating to see that come into play. And so the the big areas of the on page SEO that I want to see that I want to give you for folks to be able to influences and upgrade your own sites here are going to be take that focus keyword and that focus service area, and make sure that the homepage of your site or the page is connected to the Google Business Profile actually contains those keywords within those. And then you’re going to add those to a couple other places. So I showed you this lawn care, Franklin, TN. This is this is showing us what is the meta title. This is an extension called SEO meta in one click. And you can see we’ve incorporated that keyword in the front of the SEO title along with the business here. And so that’s a dead that is the most important place you can put a keyword for on page SEO, there is no other place that can give you as much muscle as that right there. And so keep that in mind as you go through it. That’s the metal title. That’s the number one place Oops, excuse me, let me get this back here. There we go. Another place is going to be h1. So your h1 is typically your top heading tag. So for a lot of folks, this ends up being what their h1 is. Now we have some ways that we build sites here that takes our h1 puts them other places so that way we could utilize those to put the keyword in there as well. So sometimes that can be a tricky place for people to get it. But if nothing else, you want to have you know, a lawn what I would do for this is like a lawn care service in Franklin that customers love. Now sometimes you want to have a broader surface area than that. So you don’t necessarily want to give that space right there. Which is why sometimes we move the H ones further down the page and then we can optimize them For SEO like we want to another place is just gonna be the body content anywhere in the general body closer to the top within the first 100 words is usually the best place to put it. So then the first 100 words, you want to repeat that keyword, grouping, top service top service area, then your h2. And if you can, if you’re on like an internal page, you can have a, you can get into your URL as well. So like this is a homepage, I’m not going to have any opportunity to put it into the homepage or to the URL here. But if I go to the Brentwood page, which is a secondary service area, then we can get that keyword usually at least partially, if not completely, yeah, lawn care Brentwood. So we’ve got those two Lawn Care Brentwood. If this is done correctly, we should have it here, which is where we have it. And we would also have that built into the page as well. So if you get just these four places in your site, you’ll be ahead of probably 70 to 80% of most of the other businesses that you’re going to be competing against. So combine that with some of the other things that we’ve talked about, you are well on your way to having a very well optimized Google business profile. campaign. So this is starts, this starts being the types of results that we see from this. This is January 2021. This is October 2022. And so we started with this client, they were basically completely unranked for the area, this is the exact same area in which they hold number one ranks for most of it, they push into Brentwood here, and and they start to drift out there. But the focus City Focus Area, this is a very lucrative keyword grouping to be at the top for with this. So there’s some other things that you can do as part of your on page. embedding your Google map onto the page connects that so you want to push that back to the map and embedding that map there. We also embed those lots of other places as well. I like to add in nearby cities and zip codes. So if that page is going to be pushing for, and this one is actually incomplete, which part of the reason I’m using as my example tonight, but if we look into this section here, you can see like, yeah, here would be an iframe of the Google My Business Profile that we would add in right here, we add in driving directions, we’re adding Google reviews. So we are basically communicating back and forth between the Google business profile and our homepage for that client site. And then we’re bringing in a lot of other keywords and things like that. So if you want Google to know, let’s say that you are associated with Laverne in lawn care and Laverne that sort of thing, if your site doesn’t contain any of that content, Google’s not going to make that connection for you. We have to tell Google what we’re about. And we have to dedicate content on that site in order to tell Google and give it the right signals to push for that. So. But these are the rewards of some of these activities. Last but not least, we’re almost done. Thanks, everybody. Oh, my God for 40 minutes in already. So I’m gonna wrap this up really, relatively quick. If we look at consistent name, address phone numbers here with citations. Citations is another another one who’s familiar with citations. Anybody got a? Give me a one if you’re familiar with what a citation is? Or what we mean, when we talk about citations? Where am I I’m getting ahead of myself here. Here we go. Okay, so nobody’s familiar with citations looks like. Perfect, we got just a couple there. Alright, I’ll spend just a little bit of time on this. So citations are basically a it’s exactly that it’s a citation of your name, address phone number on another website. So what Google is going to do is it’s going to take some of the big ones, big authoritative directories, directories like a yellow pages, I love Yellow Pages, I’ll tell you why in just a second, like a yellow pages, and every time it sees your name, address, phone number on those other places, it stores in its index a citation of your business. So it is recognizing your entity of name of the name, address, phone number, your business, and it’s basically checking a box that says, oh, John’s Lawn Care says that he’s in the city at this location, and that this phone number, and now I see yellow pages agrees. And I see Yelp agrees. And I see being agrees and I see Apple connect agrees. Down and down and down and down, you go. And then I see some low, you know, some industry specific, this is a lawn care specific citation. I see them there as well. All of that builds a trust profile with Google, for your business. And so this is why we categorize this in the links sector. Here. We’re linking back to your site, what other people’s websites say about your site and your profile is a big

has a big impact on Google’s trust of your business. And so getting yourself into all of those places are what we call citation building. Now if you remember, let me just tell you something associate with me zip all the way back here. Let’s go back to this though. Citations are down to 4%. I was doing SEO when citations were 30% of this impact. So citations aren’t with I used to be, but let me tell you why I like yellow pages in some of those citations like that. Because when Google Search Console, used to give us tons of link data, in terms of who was being linked to from different places, and when they would keep somebody in their index. So if you go to a thing called Google Search Console, you can see all of the websites that are linking to your site. And Google used to be, it used to be scarce about who it included in that list of links, because if it included somebody in that list of links, it meant it had to pay. I mean, it was basically pain to report that data. If you think about cost of service, server space and the software, it would have to pay to report that data. And it always listed hundreds of yellow pages, links to all of our clients. And it showed a lot that Google put a ton of trust in yellow pages back in the day, and I was always like, that’s it’s so fascinating how much trust Google gives to Yellow Pages. Now, that’s is that a definitive ranking factor sort of indicator? No, but it is a like boots on the ground kind of indicator of like, Google wouldn’t waste all of that money to list the types of sites that they don’t regard as valuable. And so I still think there’s a lot of value in building some of these big ones. There’s some shortcuts called data aggregators. So if you go to bright local, you can just pay to get as part of a data aggregator, what that’s going to do is it’s going to push it out to four aggregators that then push it out to all the other places. So there’s some shortcuts there. There’s some shortcuts there that you can use. There’s a couple of great citation building services, if you don’t want to go through all this. And trust me, I don’t like going through all of this. It’s my least favorite part about local is this whole citation game. So BrightLocal is a fantastic resource I’ve used for a long time Yext, I don’t recommend they do have the best solution in the industry. But once you start paying them, you can never stop. And so once you stop paying them, then they they shut off the the citations, and you have to go build them manually after the fact. So I usually don’t recommend folks get on Yext. BrightLocal builds a lot of the same ones. And it’s just kind of a one time cost sort of structure. And then you got to maintain some of that. But this wouldn’t be where I would start, if you’re a beginner, get the big ones, get your get your apple connect setup, get your Bing Yelp is going to show up, the reviews that show up on Bing are serviced by Yelp. So if you’re like, I don’t want to have a Yelp, I don’t want to push people to a Yelp thing. I don’t want to do their whole thing or whatnot, we’ll just keep in mind that if somebody does a search on Bing, the review, the same reputation thing we’re talking about with Google is Yelp. That’s the yelps reputation is going to show up there. So get yourself some reviews on Yelp, and get yourself some reviews on on Google and get your map Connect for Apple setup, those are all going to be high authority directories that are only going to help no downside to any of those things. And I can’t believe I must have blazed pass it or miss putting the missed putting the actual slide in here for Google reviews, because I can’t believe I missed that on the profiles. I don’t think so reviews are a huge part of it. And I’m just remembering that I’ve got some solutions with that. I’m gonna add those into the resource link for everybody now, because I think I missed the slide as part of it. But getting good reviews is part it’s that 13% that we looked at. It’s a big part of it. This is like my last slide, everybody. So thanks for making it 45 minutes with me. The kind of bonus piece here is editorial backlinks. So if you’re not familiar with backlinks, backlinks are basically anytime another website mentions or I shouldn’t say mentioned links to your website. And how many of those links you get directly influences Google’s perception of your website’s authority. It’s what made Google the best search engine in the world. And then in the 90s, it started basing its rankings off of links and the number of links and the quality of those links. And that’s what’s kept it on top all this time. So this is a good look at like this Green’s landscaping, the one that we’ve been looking at here, they have almost 600 backlinks from 234 Different referring domains for a lawn care company. That’s great performance. They’ve invested in their SEO like I can tell that that’s an SEO platform that’s been invested in, but they’ve also gotten some really great links like how to win clients with your lawn care truck wrap from service autopilot. So that’s a link. This is a mention of you know, Matt Green owner of greens, lawn care and Property Services in Indianapolis, Indiana, painted his trucks Corvette yellow, it sounds like and they cover that that is natural authority building link acquisition in the wild. So there’s lots of SEO companies. I’ve been acquiring links for folks for a really long time. And that helps speed up these sorts of things. But the higher and more authority you have, the easier it’s going to be for your map pack to perform. So that’s getting on that first page of Google Oh, that’s all these things working together. This isn’t where beginners should start. But what you should do is go get all the profiles, if you’re like in a BNI, or a chamber of commerce or you’re in a, an association for your service business, go ahead and try to get a link everywhere you can from those, if you’ve got friends with blogs, if you got family members with websites, that you can just get a link from those sites, hey, just list my lawn care company on your site, you can start to actually if you get half a dozen of those, you can start to actually build your profile pretty quick. Because most lawn care companies are not doing any kind of active link building, most of them you know, aren’t even that’s not even on the radar. So if you even get a little bit ahead of the game there, you can really separate yourself local media is great, if you can get covered in the newspaper, you might get five links out of that based off of where they publish that. So a lot of good stuff associated with that local publications as the last one there. And that’s it, you made it we’re 46 minutes in I’m sorry, that would actually went longer than I wanted to. Let’s do some questions and then I can actually generate a grid if anybody wants to be brave, I can try to generate a grid for you right now just like this. If you want to follow up with us as well, I can give everybody like up to two keywords and we’ll send that after the fact. So if you want to have one of those would you somebody want to drop in let’s go here first it says me got a service and service area that they want to drop in here and I’ll see where you’re ranking right now and we’ll take a look. Anybody have one of those

All right I’ve got a deal and Florida perfect what service Geron?

lawncare perfect and what’s the business name?

Pull us up right here. We’re gonna watch it live Bulldog lawn and landscape. Thanks, Jared. Appreciate it. Check this out. Bulldog. Lon. Who is that? You right there? I got to Lakeland Florida. Does that sound right? I’m gonna hit it

Yeah, no, that’s not it. Okay. Perfect.

We’re about to find out.

Bulldog lawn and landscaping. All right.

Lawn. And landscape. Sometimes it’s in landscaping sometimes. It’s

sorry, everybody. Deal. And there we go. Come on sometimes. Sometimes it’s evil like this. Let’s do it this way. You said Bulldog. And landscaping.

Here we go. Yeah, you got the LLC in there. I appreciate you being brave.

Jared. Yep. All right. We

got you. Thank you so much. Yeah, so I see got the LLC in there. So if you got the LLC in there, the only thing I would say with that

is that, gosh, I

still cannot find your Why can’t I find you sometimes it is just dumb like this. I know, there’s other ways that I can get in there. But I can’t I can’t go to it takes me a little bit there. So just look at the only thing I would say with that is you’re probably not going to keep the LLC into all the other places. So if you’re not putting all the other places, then that’s a little bit that name, address phone number that’s kind of misaligned there. But that’s easy. Yeah, there you go. Perfect. That’s easy enough way to go on your seven five star reviews. And? And that’s fantastic. Yes. And question and answers. dropping some question and answers in here would be awesome. I love that family owned and family owned lawn and landscape. So that’s the thing that we call a trust asset. So by leading with family owned, the only reason you’d include that is because that’s the thing that we perceive to build trust with folks. So that’s where the the traffic aspects of ranking at a high level are going to are going to start to immediately flip into how are we building trust when we go into it? Does anybody have anyone else? Another one that I can dig into? And while you’re pulling up that Jared, do you mind if we just open up your website here? Love it, Scott. I’ll pull that one up next here. All right, I’m just gonna pull this website up real fast. And I’m gonna take a look at that while I pull this in. In

here, Computer

Support tech hero. So let me go tech hero. Love the use of the of the background video there that might be the same one did you get that off Canva that might be the same one we have on the back of APEX there. Yep. And so I love that. So one of the things that I give to everybody in in Shutterstock, okay. One of the things that I love to give to everybody, and I will do this on future webinars, just an FYI with folks is breaking down how we flip into a trust and offer conversation here. If you do not have good videos, this is fantastic use of stock video to put yourself forward at a high level. So obviously, we’re getting the concept, but just the sharpness of the video and everything connects well, now I would want to work with you to try to kind of reconfigure some of this from a display perspective. I like some of the things that you’re asking for I like that you’re putting people into an immediate funnel to start asking questions associated with it. But I do think some of the the way that it’s displayed might be detracting from some of the trust that you’re looking to convey with that. So I know you didn’t ask for any of that, Jared. But that would be one of my first pieces here where if you can bring that sophisticated, we use word sophistication up about that. So the design in impact there is just a little bit higher end than I think it will feel like well, they’ve really got their act together. And and that’s a company that I want to work with. So yeah, absolutely. Jerry, let’s connect on that. That’d be great. All right. Let me go tech. Yeah, so a better user experience is exactly what I’m talking about. Let me give you a good I’m gonna give you a I’m gonna give you a counselor, because this one is just top of mind. We just we literally just went live with this. But this is what I’m talking about from a display example. Oh, thank you, Julia. You got Jarrett’s maps in there. You’re fantastic. Can you get Scott’s as well? I think he’s got. Let’s get that one in there. And let’s go. Tech hero Computer Support Seattle. Yeah, let’s get that in there. And Perfect. Thank you, Julia. And then, yeah, Jared. So what I’m looking at right here, it’s a similar display. Let me think about what’s off top my head here though. Cuz I know you’re you’re making them not making them, you’re asking them pick a decision relatively quickly. But just display wise. There’s a thing that I call a differentiating design element. So take a look at like a differentiating design element for the fact like you’ve got this swoop right here. So one of the things that really elevates design is you’ve got this swoop, and that swoop starts to show up in other places. See that swoop group, that’s just a single differentiating design element, but for some reason you’re like, why does this design work so well, across the board, we do the same thing with Apex by the way. So the apex has this, this you’ll see it so we’ve got this line here that also shows up in the logo. And then we just kind of layer that in and a couple of places where it’s just these kind of subtle design cues. There’s that same angle same same angle the boxes on all the pages for the estimate buttons perfect. So this is what I said. I think that’s the same video I think we’re both rolling the same video you’ve used it in the same way and I love it let me pull up

your I’m gonna pull this up should be in the Giulia Where did you put that? I’m looking in Oh, did you put it in local Viking?

Yeah, yep, yeah, sorry.

Okay, well that’s fine first one on there all right, I was in a different one. Let me pull that one up

sorry buddy. Give me two seconds on this one and we will have these up. I appreciate

tech heroes also loaded so they they’re both out there for you.

Alright stick around gentlemen I’m almost there. Just wasn’t logged into this one now quick

credit it keeps track of I have multiple accounts it it keeps just logging me into the same into the one I don’t want to be in

you rascals, no matter how many times I log out of this thing. It keeps putting me back into the wrong one.

Sorry, everybody.

Major stall here. Just enjoy this wonderful Oh, wonderfully built website in the background here. Well, I Well, I see if I can get it. Yeah, it won’t. It will not. So my cookies are screwed up on this one. Let me see if I can get in there on an incognito. This will be my last.

Yeah, Tyler I was gonna say I can share too if you want. It’s just pulled up on my screen. Okay, I think

I’m in incognito for the win I am.

And give me two seconds here everybody. Sorry about that. Perfect All right lawncare. So we’ve got lawn care company. Oh, where did you go? You rascals?

Come on now. Here’s Bulldog. There we go. Okay, Jared, this is the news I’m getting here. So we’ve got lawn care company. Hold on. So definitely some

work to be done there. But maybe we can get some of these ideas implemented.

I don’t have a if we get some of these things implemented here a bit, we can see that come up. And now we’re gonna have a good before and after. So it’d be really sweet if we can come back in six months and see that come along ways. Let’s go Scott’s here. This is tech hero. So Scott, I can tell right where your location is. So as we look at this live here, my guess is is your address is based somewhere right around in this area, which by the way in, in an area like Seattle here, that might be a million dollars, you know, that might be a lot of folks in that area and whatnot. And so let me pull up Computer Support tech hero to have some coverage there. But it drops off really quick.

So let’s go Seattle. What was the keyword again? Julia, Seattle, theater support. Computer Support. Let’s see what we’re looking at here.

And I know we’re coming up right at an hour. So the surprise beer last one, as we take a look at it.

Scott, are you set up as a as a service area business? Or do you have a pin? I think there’s a I want to say there’s a pin that has a specific Yeah, location. Okay. So just

looking at what I see here, Seattle IT services. So somebody has named themselves the exact match keyword there. And it’s got a pin. Okay. Thanks, Scott. I am not seeing the pin immediately here. So let me do this.

Let’s get your profile and see what we can see. So 37 reviews, congratulations. That’s not easy. 37 five star reviews there. So I see where you’re at. Let’s take a look. See? See your categorizes Computer Support Services. 10 plus years. I like that. So you got your services listed. Great overview on tech hero specialized wide range Business Technology Services.

Let’s see one of the things I did not cover in the Google review portion of it is going to be keyword rich reviews, services for medical professionals. Forgive me, Scott here for just Aaron, you’re airing your your reviews right out here on the internet here. So I appreciate everybody being a good sport. Scott is fantastic.

Computing. Sir, my own business.

Yeah, if you computer issue, one thing you could do on the review side of things is just potentially coach your folks to say like, Hey, if you received Computer Support Services, like find your focus keyword, and see if you can get them to use your focus keyword in those reviews as they are creating them. And they’re writing them that may give you at least a little bit of a boost associated with the actual reviews. Good golly, my my Mac here is just decided to go crazy with that. But we’d have to probably dig deeper into actually, let’s get on your website here. Let’s go look at tech support hero support. We’re right at eight o’clock. So we’re going to push it right to this. Thank you everybody for sticking around. Let’s take a look at your on page situation. Sorry, Scott, is what we’re here to figure out. Right so you are based in Seattle, I believe you have a location in Nashville as well. So what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to make sure that you break out a Nashville specific landing page and a Seattle specific landing page. If you want this homepage to be location agnostic is what I call Call it if you wanted to be location agnostic, meaning that like, you’re not going to give away any particular location sort of vibe, then I would take this, I duplicate it to a page called Computer Support Nashville, or something like that. And then or you might just want to call it Nashville depending on how specific you want to be with that. So that’s the URL level. But get a Nashville page and get a Seattle page. And make sure that that Seattle page is all about those on page factors. We talked about meta title, h1, body content, the URL if you can, if it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. That’s, that’s the fourth one on the list. And meta description I like to have in those places h2 as well. So give yourself each one of these. Each one of these needs to link to a separate location. And then you’re gonna want to link this page, not your homepage, link this page to that Seattle location. So those should help out a lot. If you get that on page dialed up, link it, don’t put your general link there. The the website link needs to be the Seattle one. And then build one in Nashville find an address in Nashville. Looks like you’ve already got one. Fantastic. Let’s build a page around that as well. Thanks, Todd. Yeah, I’ve gone over here. appreciate you sticking around. And I hope this has been valuable for everybody. Thank you, everybody, for dropping some of your stuff in here. That was super brave of you. Let me get these pulled away. And yeah, if there’s anything else we can help you with, if you go to lawn marketing edge.com forward slash schedule, happy to take a one on one look. And we can actually dive a little deeper than this on all these things. And, and Yeah, appreciate your time. Hope this has been helpful for you love to give value like this. So we’re going to be putting out webinars like this a lot more often starting to write content. I got a lot of stuff coming out here. So thanks for spending time with us. appreciate everybody’s time and follow up with us. If you need us. We’re going to be sending out the replay and the resource doc to you all and thanks for your time. super appreciate it.


Tyler Krause

Hello, I'm Tyler. Husband. Father. Christ Follower. Emoji Overuser 🙂 Two time Lawn & Landscape company owner and 10+ year digital strategist, specializing in the Lawn and Landscape industry. I've trademarked two digital marketing methods on a path to helping hundreds of business's do millions of dollars in online sales. I've been blessed to build and scale multiple companies through SEO, PPC, Website design and helping others do the same is a joy and passion I never seem to tire of.

Tyler Krause

Tyler Krause

Hello, I'm Tyler. Husband. Father. Christ Follower. Emoji Overuser :)

Two time Lawn & Landscape company owner and 10+ year digital strategist, specializing in the Lawn and Landscape industry. I've trademarked two digital marketing methods on a path to helping hundreds of business's do millions of dollars in online sales. I've been blessed to build and scale multiple companies through SEO, PPC, Website design and helping others do the same is a joy and passion I never seem to tire of.

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